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With over 35 years of experience, Showtime Express Plumbing offers one-call plumbing repairs. We are a team of dedicated, trustworthy, honest, and friendly plumbers who treat our customers like family. Whether you need an emergency repair, a routine check-up, or a new installation, we are ready to help you anytime. So trust us with your plumbing needs, and we won’t let you down.

Licensed Plumbing Company

Our star plumber and founder Chris Whitmore has a master’s license in 2 states (GA and AL). He is the emergency plumber you will want to call for your water heater repair or replacement, shower plumbing, drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning, among other services you may need from your trusted plumbing company. We offer free quotes and a 24/7 emergency service.

Undeniable Excellence

Besides a team of highly trained professionals, we are a family that cares about your needs and delivers the best service, always. We use cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure you have an amazing experience with us.

Playing by the Rules

Our plumbing company is licensed and insured to protect you and your interests. We follow all the relevant regulations to ensure a quality plumber service, and we work with the utmost cleanliness to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

A Fair Price

You deserve your plumbing company to offer quality work that fits your budget. That’s why we offer fair and transparent pricing with no hidden costs or extra charges. We value your trust and satisfaction above all.

24/7 Emergency Service

You can count on us for any plumbing emergency, day or night. Our skilled plumbers are ready to tackle any issue and restore your peace of mind. We are always on call, always reliable, and always there for you.

Licensed Plumbing Company

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Our Plumbing Services

We provide comprehensive plumbing services for customers in GA and beyond. Whether you need emergency plumbing repairs, installations, drain cleaning services, or basement finishes, we have you covered 24/7.
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Showtime Express Plumbing: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Plumbing Needs

When plumbing issues arise, you don’t just need a solution – you need it in Showtime!

At Showtime Express Plumbing, we understand the urgency that comes with plumbing challenges.

As the leading plumber in Winder, GA, we are committed to providing our community with timely, professional, and impeccable plumbing services. Whether it’s a simple faucet leak or a full-fledged pipe disaster, we’re here to ensure that the show (or the water) must go on!

Why Trust Our Plumbers In Winder, GA?

  • Prompt and Reliable Service: Among Winder plumbers, we pride ourselves on being the quickest to respond. Your emergencies become our top priority, and we strive to address them immediately.
  • Trained Professionals: Our team consists of seasoned plumbers who have seen it all. This means that we’re well-equipped to tackle any plumbing concern with precision and efficiency.
  • Local Expertise: Being dedicated plumbers in Winder, GA, we have an in-depth understanding of local plumbing challenges and infrastructure. This local expertise ensures that we offer solutions that last.

Our Services Include:

We serve Commercial plumbing and Residential plumbing, following are our main services

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer line repair
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Faucet and fixture services
  • And much more!
Why Trust Our Plumbers In Winder, GA
Expert Winder Plumbers At Your Service!

Expert Winder Plumbers At Your Service!

There’s a reason why we stand out among Winder plumbers. Our commitment to excellence, paired with our community-centric approach, has won us the trust of households and businesses alike. But don’t just take our word for it; experience our service firsthand!

Ready to address your plumbing concerns? Or simply seeking an expert’s advice on maintaining your systems? Reach out to Showtime Express Plumbing today. After all, when it’s Showtime, you deserve nothing but the best.

We also serve in Barrow County.

Our Works

We provide comprehensive plumbing services for customers in GA and beyond. Whether you need emergency plumbing repairs, installations, drain cleaning services, or basement finishes, we have you covered 24/7.

Welcome to Showtime Express Plumbing in Winder, Georgia – The Gold Standard in Plumbing Services!

Unparalleled Drainage Solutions for Winder Residents

Unparalleled Drainage Solutions for Winder Residents

Every home and office at some point face drainage problems. Blocked drains, pesky overflows, and those unexpected toilet blockages can turn a good day upside down. That’s where Showtime Express Plumbing steps in. With a strong reputation in Winder, we have become the go-to solution for all drainage concerns. Our advanced diagnostic methods, paired with cutting-edge equipment, ensure your drains remain unblocked and functional. For those unexpected stormwater drain issues, we’re equipped with innovative techniques that not only address the problem but also ensure it doesn’t recur.

Precision and Safety: Gas Services at Showtime Express

Gas services are sensitive and demand an expert’s touch. At Showtime Express Plumbing, we emphasize both precision and safety. From gas installations, fittings, to detecting and addressing potential leaks, we ensure that each task is executed flawlessly. Our skilled team in Winder also specializes in LPG installations and routine safety checks, making sure you’re always in safe hands.

Endless Hot Water Streams in Winder Homes

The luxury of hot water cannot be understated, especially during those colder days. Our comprehensive hot water services guarantee that you never have to endure a cold shower. Whether it’s new installations, periodic maintenance, or those emergency repairs, our team ensures you have hot water whenever you need it. Our expertise isn’t limited – whether it’s electric, gas, or heat pump systems, we’ve got you covered.

Appliance Services: Blending Efficiency with Longevity

Modern appliances simplify life, but they need the right touch during installation and repair. At Showtime Express Plumbing, our focus isn’t just about getting the job done, but ensuring it’s done right. From dishwashers, washing machines to specialized gas appliances, every task we undertake revolves around maximizing efficiency and ensuring long-term functionality.

Winder’s Comprehensive Plumbing Solution

What’s in a name? For Showtime Express Plumbing, it means excellence, reliability, and comprehensive service. We cater to a wide spectrum of needs – whether you’re a homeowner needing routine plumbing maintenance, or a business with specific plumbing challenges, we’re your one-stop solution. Leak detections, tap repairs, toilet overhauls, and even specialized services – you name it, we handle it.

Winder’s Comprehensive Plumbing Solution

Stay Warm with Winder’s Best Gas Heater Services

Gas heaters are a sanctuary during those chilly Winder nights. Our extensive gas heater services ensure you remain warm and cozy. From routine check-ups, safety inspections to complex repairs and conversions, our team brings a wealth of experience and skill to every job.

Your Guard Against Leaks and Bursts

The smallest leak can lead to significant issues if not addressed promptly. With Showtime Express Plumbing, you have a team that specializes in detecting and rectifying leaks, ensuring your home remains damage-free. From taps, toilets to roofs, we’ve mastered the art of leak detection and repair.

Essentials Done Right_ Tapware and Toilet Solutions

Essentials Done Right: Tapware and Toilet Solutions

The importance of functional taps and toilets in our daily routine is often underestimated. We ensure that these essentials are always up to mark. From installations, maintenance, to water-saving solutions, our team makes sure your taps and toilets are efficient and eco-friendly.

Backflow Prevention for a Healthier Home

Backflows are more than a mere inconvenience; they pose a potential health risk. We’re here to ensure your water supply remains pristine with our backflow testing and rectification services.

From Homes to Industries: Winder’s Plumbing Maestro

No project is too big or small for us. From residential setups, commercial establishments to industrial sectors, our wide array of services caters to all. We bring the same level of dedication and expertise, whether it’s a simple home appliance installation or a complex industrial plumbing challenge.

Top-of-the-Line Appliance Installations

The efficiency of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines starts with expert installation. With Showtime Express Plumbing, you get installations that adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Emergency? Showtime Express Plumbing is on the Way!

Unexpected plumbing issues are stressful. But with Showtime Express Plumbing, Winder residents have a reliable partner available round the clock. Whether it’s a sudden leak, a gas issue, or any other emergency, professional help is just a call away.

LPG Solutions: Modern, Safe, and Efficient

As LPG becomes a popular choice in Winder homes and businesses, we stand at the forefront with top-tier installation and maintenance services. With Showtime Express Plumbing, your LPG systems promise efficiency and longevity.

Top-of-the-Line Appliance Installations
The Future of Industrial Plumbing in Winder

The Future of Industrial Plumbing in Winder

Industrial setups have unique plumbing requirements. Showtime Express Plumbing rises to this challenge with tailor-made solutions that address the specific needs of industries, promising efficiency, safety, and unmatched reliability.

Revolutionizing Plumbing in Winder, Georgia

Enter the world of Showtime Express Plumbing, where expertise meets unparalleled service. Serving the heart of Winder, we’re more than just plumbers; we’re your partners in ensuring a smooth, hassle-free living experience.

Tackling Drain Challenges Head-On

In Winder, from seasonal rainfalls to daily usage, our drainage systems endure a lot. Showtime Express Plumbing boasts a unique blend of technology and expertise to combat common drain issues, ensuring you never have to face the inconvenience of blocked systems.

Gas Services: A Commitment to Excellence

Trust, reliability, and safety – the three pillars of our gas services. Navigating the complexities of gas systems requires a deft touch, and our team is trained to deliver perfection at every turn, be it installation, maintenance, or emergency interventions.

Hot Water: Your Daily Luxury

Gone are the days of waiting for warm water or facing sudden cold spells in your shower. Our comprehensive suite of hot water solutions promises consistent warmth, rain or shine, winter or summer.

Mastering the Appliance Game

Every appliance, big or small, plays a pivotal role in our daily routines. Showtime Express Plumbing ensures every device is installed, maintained, and repaired with precision, offering you uninterrupted service and peace of mind.

Gas Services_ A Commitment to Excellence

The Plumbing Orchestra of Winder

Plumbing isn’t just about fixing leaks; it’s an art and science combined. From residential spaces to commercial complexes, our diverse range of services covers every plumbing need, ensuring Winder homes and businesses operate without a hitch.

Safety First: Gas Heater Protocols

With winters in Winder getting chilly, gas heaters become our silent guardians. We ensure these heaters not only provide warmth but are also installed, maintained, and inspected for the utmost safety.

Sealing the Future: Leak Prevention and Repair

A small leak might signify a larger underlying issue. Our in-depth leak detection and repair services ensure no drop goes unnoticed, safeguarding your home’s structural integrity and your peace of mind.

Everyday Essentials: Taps & Toilets

Functional taps and efficient toilets are the unsung heroes of our homes. We give them their due diligence, ensuring they operate smoothly, conserve water, and serve you without a glitch.

Backflow Beware: Protecting Your Water

Clean water is a right, not a luxury. Our stringent backflow testing and preventive measures ensure that every drop you consume is pure, clean, and free from contaminants.

A Residential Heart with an Industrial Mindset

Our services aren’t limited to homes. We understand the intricacies of industrial plumbing and offer solutions that stand the test of time, pressure, and scale.

Precision in Every Installation

Appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, or gas stoves aren’t just about convenience; they’re about lifestyle. We ensure every installation is perfect, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Backflow Beware_ Protecting Your Water
24_7 Emergency Response_ Always Alert

24/7 Emergency Response: Always Alert

At Showtime Express Plumbing, we understand that emergencies wait for no one. Day or night, rain or shine, we’re just a call away, ensuring you’re never left in a lurch.

LPG: The Future of Energy in Winder

As Winder embraces LPG for its energy needs, we’re at the forefront with installations and services that promise safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Bridging the Gap: Industrial and Residential

Every space, be it a cozy home or a sprawling industry, has unique plumbing needs. Our vast array of services ensures that every requirement, no matter how specific, is met with precision and care.

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

We offer repairs, service, maintenance and installation for commercial and residential calls!

You can reach us from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, but we also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service for your convenience and peace of mind.

In a plumbing emergency, you must first shut off the main water supply to your home to prevent things from worsening. Then immediately call a professional plumber. We have the most qualified and friendliest plumbers at Showtime Express Plumbing to solve your emergency immediately.

Having your plumbing inspected every 1-2 years is generally a good idea, but older homes or homes with known plumbing issues may require more frequent inspections.

While a homeowner can do some minor plumbing repairs, hiring a professional for more complicated tasks is usually best to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Signs of a plumbing problem include low water pressure, slow drains, recurring clogs, unusual pipe noises, and water or moisture stains on walls, floors, or ceilings. Contact a professional plumbing service to make an urgent revision if you have any issues.

You can try using a plunger, plumber’s snake, or hand auger. But if the blockage persists or is on a large scale, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber who will reduce the complications of this type of work.

With the low temperatures in Georgia, it is common to have a problem with frozen pipes. To prevent pipes from freezing, you can insulate them, keep your home at a constant warm temperature, and allow faucets to drip a bit during freezing weather. Contact a professional if your pipes are already frozen.

Worn components, such as a washer or seal within the faucet mechanism, often cause leaky faucets. That is why checking the faucets and replacing them immediately when they fail is essential.

Most water heaters last around a decade. If your water heater is older than this, it may be time to consider a replacement. Contact us, and we will gladly review your heater.

Showtime Express Plumbing Company: We go the Extra Mile to Make You Smile


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Eric F.
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Quick response via Yelp, provided a competitive quote, got me on the schedule quickly, communicated in detail via automated texts, showed up on time, did the work as well as one extra thing that needed done without charging extra.... Exactly what you want in a plumber!
Peter J.
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Chris was very helpful and knowleadgable. He is very transparent, honest and eager to help and solve the problem on the fastest way possible!
Linda O.
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Our pipes busted on Christmas Eve. We called after Christmas and got a friendly person on the other side. She was able to schedule a plumber for the next day. Highly recommend. The plumber went above and beyond to repair our pipes. This will be our go to plumber business for now on!
Maria H.
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On time, friendly, reliable and priced right. Replaced 2 water heaters in an afternoon. No problems. I would hire them again!
Todd C.
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Chris was awesome! He showed up right on time, assessed the leaking plumbing underneath my sink, gave me a reasonable quote...and then proceeded to fix under 30 minutes! Fast, friendly and affordable....It was a pleasure doing business with them. I highly recommend Showtime Express Plumbing!!!
Troy S.
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I called and explained the issue and Chis came out the same day and easily identified the problem and fixed it within 30 min. We will definitely be calling Chris back in the spring to work on another issue we've discussed that needs to be taken care of.
Jessica L.
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Excellent service for a fair price. The plumber was also very patient with my hysterical, yappy dog. 🙂
Fran K.
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I was nicely surprised by the diligence with which they attended to me. I was really worried about finding a plumber near me and I can say that Chris did the best job ever. I will definitely call them again!

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