5 Essential Drain Cleaning Services for Yearly Maintenance

Annual drain cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your home. Think of it like the human body: after eating, our bodies need to get rid of waste to stay healthy. Similarly, your home needs its drainage system cleaned regularly to avoid any serious issues. That’s where Showtime Express Plumbing comes in. We provide proficient express drain cleaning services right to your doorstep.

With Showtime, you’re getting essential and high-quality express drain cleaning services every year. So, let’s look into what we offer and see how our services can benefit your home!

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Chemical drain cleaners are packed with powerful chemicals that can dissolve common clog-causing materials like hair, soap scum, and food bits in your plumbing system. They offer a quick solution for serious pipe blockages. However, it’s important to remember that these chemicals can be harmful. It’s best to leave their use to professionals, like our experts, who know how to handle them safely and effectively.


Plunging is a surprisingly technical aspect of drain cleaning, often underestimated in its complexity. It’s not as simple as it seems and requires more than just the basic effort. The technique involves creating pressure changes in the drain to effectively dislodge clogs. This starts with forming a tight seal and then rapidly pushing and pulling the plunger, requiring precise skill and understanding of pressure dynamics. It’s a task best left to professionals like Showtime Express, who have the expertise to determine which types of clogs can be resolved with plunging and which require different methods. With their knowledge and skills, they can ensure that your drains are cleared properly and efficiently.

Snaking or Auguring

Drain Sneaks are long, bendy tools that go inside the pipes. They can remove the clogs by pulling them or breaking them. But it requires a proper professional technique to do this. You can’t do it by yourself. Using a drain snake takes skill, and if you do it wrong, it can harm your pipes. Sometimes, it’s not good for older or delicate plumbing. But drain snaking is one of the most traditional but most famous processes of drain cleaning. But you can get this 100% guaranteed service from Showtimes Express Plumbing, as we have skilled experts.


Being experts, we strongly believe that hydro-jetting is the best answer for stubborn clogs and blockages. It can also remove grease, minerals, and other residues from the pipes. Hydro-jetting uses super strong water pressure to blast away clogs and junk from pipes, scrubbing them clean. It provides a thorough cleaning of your house’s plumbing system. And most important, it can only be done by highly skilled professionals as if you do it by yourself you need special gear and know-how to do hydro-jetting safely and well. We have trained professionals who know how to do hydro-jetting. One more thing, it’s not a good choice for older or delicate pipes that might get damaged by the high-pressure water.

Professional Express Drain Cleaning Services

Having a professional plumber check your drains is really important for keeping your house in good shape. It’s especially key to clean out your sewer lines because a little problem can quickly turn into a big blockage, messing up your whole plumbing system. The drain in your kitchen sink is super important, too. Just cleaning it yourself might not be enough and could cause problems later on.

The drains in your bathroom and toilet need a lot of attention as well. If you ignore them, they can cause a lot of headaches and mess up your daily routine. For all these drain issues, it’s a good idea to call in professional help. Getting a pro to do annual maintenance can save you from having to check things all the time and keep your plumbing running smoothly We also offer Commercial Plumbing services

Clear the Way with Showtime Express Plumbing’s Expertise

Showtime Express Plumbing specializes in tackling tough drain issues with a personal touch, offering express drain cleaning services that stand out. Our team uses a mix of methods like Chemical Drain Cleaning, Hydro-jetting, Plunging, Snaking, or Auguring to make sure we get the job done right. We’re ready to handle any clog, no matter how stubborn, and we’re great at finding and fixing the big plumbing problems that keep causing those annoying clogs. Yes, it might cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but with us, you’re getting a solution that lasts and really works. So, when it comes to keeping your plumbing smooth and trouble-free, think of us at Showtime Express Plumbing – we’re here to bring ease and happiness back into your home.

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